What's New

We are excited about the recent changes to the ECE program!

New Transfer Degree Option – A.S.-T
Our new Associate in Science in ECE for Transfer has been approved.  This is a great option for students who will be seeking a Bachelor’s degree in this or a similar field.  Completion of this degree guarantees admission to a CSU campus offering a similar major.  Students can complete this degree with 60 units of credit.  They will be able to complete their Bachelor’s degree with an additional 60 units.  For more information, contact Merle Rusky or see the section titled “Program Requirements.”

New Certificate Option – Entrepreneurship in ECE
In collaboration with the Business Department, we have developed an entrepreneurship certificate for students wanting to open their own child development center or family child care home. This certificate will equip students with the necessary tools for operating a successful business in ECE.  The certificate is 15 units, combining Business and ECE courses and can be completed through evening instruction.  See the section titled “Program Requirements” for more information.

Curriculum Alignment Project
The ECE program is now officially aligned with the California Curriculum Alignment Project!  This endeavor took several years to complete and we are very proud to be part of this step in clarifying the requirements for teachers of young children in California.  This alignment will ease transfer of courses between aligned community colleges and to four year colleges, making it easier for students to pursue their educational goals.