About Our Program

Early Childhood Education (ECE) combines the study of how children grow and develop with quality programs for children. Our program provides an academic background in the social, emotional, cognitive and physical development of the child, and works toward an understanding of diversity and individual differences.

Academics are combined with hands-on experiential learning to offer students a broad range of vocational and professional options in the field.

The ECE program offers a variety of options designed to meet the specific goals of the student. We offer an AA degree program, and several certificate options.

Gainful Employment Data Related to our ECE Certificate

Gainful Employment Data Related to our ECE Teacher Certificate

This program lays the foundation for further academic study for students transferring to four-year institutions. Continuing education is available for child care providers, preschool teachers and parents. Students are encouraged to work closely with program advisors and college counselors to determine which option best meets their career goals.

Our program is small and growing.  Students receive individualized attention and are quickly adopted into our child development community. There are opportunities on and off-campus for students to practice and develop skills in working effectively with young children in a supervised setting.  The on-campus Child Development Center offers a laboratory experience for students to apply their emerging skills in a relaxed yet challenging environment.


The profession of ECE is growing rapidly, with many job opportunities throughout California and nationally.  Graduates are qualified to work at various levels in public and private child development settings.

Most students in our program desiring employment with at least six units in ECE are offered positions for either full or part-time work in a setting with children.

All 2006 graduates desiring employment have obtained positions in the field. This program not only provides the necessary requirements, but the skills and experience to meet the challenges and reap the rewards of working with young children.