Teaching Online at FRC

If you are interested in teaching online courses at FRC but have not taught at FRC before, go to the FRC Human Resources website and check Jobs and Policies and Procedures.   

FRC currently uses Moodle to deliver online course material and to interact with students.

To request a course area in Moodle use the Request a Course Area on the left menu of this page. Include the term you will be teaching the course, your course subject, number, section number, and title (Fall 2015 PSY 102-01 Introductory Psychology).  Your course should be available in about 48 hours.  You will receive an email confirming when your course area is available.

The Distance Education Faculty Handbook (see the link below) contains detailed information about regulations, guidelines, how to start managing your course area, contacting students, and other tips about teaching online courses at Feather River College. It also has links to valuable resources in the Appendix. The handbook will be distributed in hard copy at the faculty development "Flex" meetings in the beginning of Fall and Spring semesters. 

- Distance Education Faculty Handbook -

The Move to Canvas

The entire California Community College system is in the process of moving to a common Learning Management System called "Canvas."  This will eventually replace our use of Moodle. FRC will begin implementing Canvas in October of 2015 and we expect to be running Canvas in parallel with Moodle through the fall of 2016.  Spring 2017 is the first semester we expect to be using only Canvas as our LMS.  

Canvas was carefully selected after extensive reviews, trials, and feedback from campuses across the state. It is easy to use yet has a rich range of tools for engaging students, managing enrollment and grades, and getting information about student participation online. This project is part of the wider Online Education Initiative of the CCCCO which will include online tutorials for student readiness, faculty training, and technical support.  It will also be integrated into a state-wide system which will allow students to sign up for online courses at any California Community College so they can take the courses they need to graduate.

To find out more about Canvas and the Online Education Initiative, go to: http://ccconlineed.org/ .