AA Business Transfer Degree

AS Transfer Degree


This degree allows the student to transfer directly to a CSU  in the discipline of Business Administration.

Associate in Science:  Business for Transfer


Major Core Requirements

BUS 100                Introduction to Business                                                3

BUS 102                Financial Accounting                                                     4

BUS 104                Managerial Accounting                                                  4

BUS 106                Principles of Economics-Macro                                      3

BUS 108                Principles of Economics-Micro                                       3

BUS 115                Business Law                                                               3

ICT 101 or            Computer Literacy                                                           3

ICT 111                  Introduction to Computer Technology

MATH 218 or      Calculus 1                                                                         4

MATH 202           Elementary Statistics


Total Major Requirements………………….……………………27


To earn an Associate in Science in Business for Transfer:

1)      Complete Major Core Requirements as outlined above.

2)      Complete CSU General Education Breadth or IGETC requirements to a total of sixty units.


Program Narrative

In the Business Programs students are instructed in many of the disciplines of Business study that are valued by employers, that prepare the students to become an entrepreneur, or that prepare a student to go on to a four-year institution.  The textbooks used are nationally renowned for positive student learning outcomes and are typically the most widely-used textbooks in their field.  A variety of teaching methods are used both auditory and visual, and technology is relied upon heavily in every area