The Studio Arts Program provides courses for students seeking an Associate Degree in Art as a terminal degree, students transferring to continue their art studies at a four year institution or art institute, students entering the professional art world and art education, and for general interest students and community members who want to develop skills in art practice and the understanding of art. Courses are offered in drawing, painting, figurative work, 2D and 3D design, photography, digital arts, art history and appreciation, color theory, 3D artforms, and the business of art.


(AA-T) Associate in Studio Arts Transfer Degree

Major Core Requirements = 12 units

ART 107  2-Dimensional Design
ART 109  3-Dimensional Design
ART 116  Drawing I
ART 174  World Art History: 1500 to Present 

Art History Restricted Elective Requirement = 3 units

ART 166  Art of Modern Period
ART 172  World Art History: Pre-history to 1500

Elective Requirements = 9 units

ART 117  Drawing II
ART 122  Painting I
ART 124  Painting II
ART 126  Color Theory
ART 128  Introduction to Printmaking
ART 132  Life Drawing I
ART 134  Life Drawing II
ART 136  Life Painting I
ART 138  Life Painting II
ART 140  Sculpture I
ART 142  Sculpture II
ART 144  Introduction to Ceramics
ART 150  Introduction to Photography
ART 151  Intermediate Photography
ART 291  Directed Study
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