Agriculture- University Studies


General Education

A minimum of 60.0 transferable semester units must be completed with a grade of ‘C’ or better in all area-of-emphasis-applicable units.  To complete General Education requirements for the University-Agriculture Studies Degree, students must:

1.     Choose either A. CSU-GE or B. IGETC for the General Education pattern related to your educational goal

A.    Minimum units to meet CSU-GE breadth certification requirements 41 units

B.    Minimum units to meet IGETC certification requirements 35-45 units

2.     AREA of Emphasis: Choose an area of emphasis either General Agriculture or Agricultural Science  18 units

3. Complete any electives necessary to total 60 transferable units required by the Universities.


Students should consult with Feather River College (FRC) Agriculture Department advisors to prepare a Student Education Plan to ensure the students’ courses will satisfy certification, degree and/or transfer requirements.  It may be beneficial to contact the four-year institution where the student intends to transfer to accurately determine the ideal course of action to earn a Bachelor’s degree.  

Agriculture Majors

Choose a total of 12 units from one of the two areas of emphasis to complete your major requirements:


General Agriculture

AG 270  Fundamentals of Agriculture Education and Employment  0.5 units

AG 271  Agriculture Education and Employment  0.5 units

AGAB 150  Agriculture Computer Applications  3 units

AGAB 124  Agriculture Economics  3 units

AGMA 108  Tractor Operation  3 units

AGAB 110  Introduction to Agriculture Business  3 units

AGAB 112  Agriculture Sales & Communication  3 units

AGAB 188  Farm Management  3 units

AGMA 146  Introductory AG Structural Technology  3 units

AGMA 160  Introduction to Mechanized Agriculture  3 units

AGMA 116  Agriculture Welding  3 units

AGPS 210  Introduction to Soil Science  3 units


Agricultural Science

AG 270  Fundamentals of Agriculture Education and Employment  0.5 units

AG 271  Agriculture Education and Employment  0.5 units

AGAB 150  Agriculture Computer Applications  3 units

AGAS 120  Introduction to Animal Science  3 units

AGAS 125  Animal Feeds and Nutrition  3 units

AGAS 170  Elements of Beef Cattle Science  3 units

AGPS 210  Introduction to Soil Science  3 units

AGPS 104  Introduction to Plant Science  3 units

AGEQ 102  Elements of Equine Science  3 units

AGEQ 103  Western Equitation I  2 units

AGEQ 104  Horse Conformation and Judging  1 unit

AGEQ 115  Elements of Horse Training I  0.5 unit

AGEQ 116  Elements of Horse Training II  0.5 unit

AGEQ 106  Western Equitation II  2 units

AGEQ 204  Training Young Horses Under Saddle – Fall  2 units

AGEQ 205  Training Young Horses Under Saddle- Spring  2 units


Recommended Agriculture Electives

Choose a minimum of 6 units from any of the courses listed in the Agriculture Majors or the following electives to complete your major requirements or any other General Education courses to fulfill transfer requirements to a four-year institution:

AGMA 140  Beginning Agriculture Metal Fabrication  3 units

AG 295  Community Service Learning in Agriculture  1-4 units

AG 299  Special Topics in Agriculture  1-4 units

AGMA 132  Advanced Agriculture Welding  3 units

BUS 106  Principles of Economics-Macro  3 units

BUS 115  Business Law  3 units

AGEQ 140  Introduction to Equine Behavior & Training  2 units

AGEQ 141  Equine Behavior & Training  2 units

AGEQ 214  Handling and Care of the Foal, Weanling and Yearling Horse- Fall  1 unit


University-Agriculture Studies

Associate of Science Degree Requirements

General Education                                    42 units

Agriculture Major                                     18 units

Total AS Requirements                             60 units