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ORL Student Alumni

Many of our graduates are using their degrees in the recreation field.  The alumni listed below are only a few such examples.  If  you have graduated from our program and want your name etched into the ORL Alumni Hall of Fame, then please get a hold of us using the contact information found on this website.


Nick Meyers:

Lead Climbing Ranger and Avalanche Specialist, USFS Mt. Shasta

Year of Graduation: 2005

I busy myself with work lately at least. USFS baby. I have been running a one man show, the lone ranger. Avalanche forecasting, cleaning frozen toilets, website management, local beacon/avy awareness talks, REI climbing talks, climbing the rock pile, picking up frozen climber trash off the ground, trailwork, corraling wayward humanoids, shredding 7k of sweet Shasta corn, snow and mountain education to youngsters at county schools, wilderness management and implementation....and have somehow worked my way up to the awfully official title of Mt. Shasta Lead Climbing Ranger and Avalanche Specialist. Got the seasonals on now and in a supervisory position.

To see more awesome pics of Nick shraulping, like the ones pictured left, go to Garrett Smith's blog at: http://www.dirtmyth.blogspot.com



Ansley Rothell:

Assistant Center Manager, Yosemite Emergency Communications Center

Year of Graduation: 2002

Graduated FRC in 2002, BA in Recreation from Humboldt State University.

After leaving Feather River, I returned home to Yosemite where I have worked the past 9 years for the National Park Service. As the Assistant Manager for Yosemite's 9-1-1 Center I get to help people who find themselves in bad situations. My weekends are spent skiing at Badger and boating the Merced. Next time you're in Yosemite, try to avoid a call to my office.



Jared Licht:

Rental Supervisor, Sugar Bowl Ski Area

Year of Graduation: 2009

After leaving FRC I got a job at Sugar Bowl in Truckee, CA. I started as a front line employee in the rental shop for the first half of the winter. As the winter progressed I moved up into a supervisor roll, now at the end of my second season at Sugar Bowl I am the Judah Rental Supervisor and manage a staff of 25 employee's.

During the summer months I spend my time river kayaking in the Sierra's, managing a sea kayak rental operation in the Bay Area and Kite boarding. I also take high school students back packing around the California.



Luke Pascucci:

Since graduating from Feather River's ORL program I have decided to make a career with the US Forest Service. I currently spend my time off from work skiing, kayaking, rafting and traveling. In the last year I have skiied Taos Ski Valley in New Mexcio, Squaw Valley, various backcoutry is the Sierras, hiked and camped in Arches National Park, and traveled the California coast. In the fall I will be getting married (to another ORL graduate) and continuing to ski, kayak, and adventure.



Katie Monroe:

Thanks to the ORL program at FRC, I have been "living the dream" for a couple of years now. I have been working as a ski and snowboard instructor in the Pacific Northwest during the winter months (although I just got my EMT, so hopefully next year I will be working ski patrol), and as a whitewater raft guide, kayak instructor, trip leader, and guide trainer for Alpine Adventures in Washinton State for the rest of the year. Last year, I worked in Costa Rica for 4 months, guiding rivers and leading sea kayaking trips. I have also been lucky enough to row gear boats for some extended expedition river trips, including the Grand Canyon (21 days), Hells Canyon, and the Middle Fork Salmon River. My ultimate goal is to start my own multi-adventure company in the future. Thanks Outdoor Recreation Leadership!!!



Graham Meese:

Recreation Leader, UC Santa Cruz

Year of Graduation: 2009

The ORL program gave me the tools I needed to feel safe, confident and comfortable leading groups in the wilderness. Since I graduated, I have worked for the UCSC recreation department leading their adventure outings, from snow camping to mountain biking. I was a guide and camp councilor for a sea kayaking company based out of the bay area during the summer of 2009 and spent the summer of 2010 in Idaho working as a raft guide. I am also the co-president of the UCSC Whitewater Kayak club teaching roll classes and leading weekend trips. When I graduate from UCSC this summer with a degree in Geology, I plan to continue leading trips outdoors, educating and providing an experience for people to get better connected to themselves and the world they live in.




Clancy Thost :

Year of Graduation: 2005

Since I graduated from the ORL program I've worked as a leader for youth adventure trips, as a raft guide, kayak instructor, and surf teacher.  Most of my time is spent kayaking, surfing, climbing, and fixing the gear that I break in the process.  Recently, I got accepted to the School of Nursing at San Diego State University where I will be working towards a BSN degree.