Early Childhood Education & Care

In conjunction with the Plumas Early Education & Child Care Council, Feather River College (FRC) sponsors several programs that promote quality education and care for young children in Plumas County:


The Infant Center Teaching Lab serves adult learners enrolled in FRC's Early Childhood Education (ECE) program, where they gain quality skills needed for their ECE careers.


Go Teach supports adult students who are entering or re-entering the workforce and want to assist elementary/secondary school children to improve academically.  In addition to increasing the adult learners' skills related to elementary education, this program prepares these students for successful entry into the workforce and provides them with information on short term ECE certification opportunities.


The GED Test Site project is establishing a facility, within the Feather River College (FRC) Student Success Center, where qualified adult learners can take the online exam for a high-school equivalency degree.  The Program Specialist in the Success Center will administer and proctor the test, which will be available several times per year.