Alternative Sentencing Program

The Alternative Sentencing Program (ASP), which is located within the Plumas County District Attorney’s Office, addresses the growing number of offenders and their reentry needs as they transition from the local criminal justice system. Since its inception in 2012, the program has served over 275 offenders, through multiple programs.  ASP staff assists offenders in their transition and journey as they return to their communities. ASP received adult education funding for two projects in 2015-16




Bridges (Bringing Rehabilitation in Detention Generating Education/Employment Success) provides incarcerated students with a bridge to educational services at Feather River College, while they are in detention and beyond.


Bridges to Mise En Place


Student making pasta

This is a creative and experiential learning opportunity for approximately 10 inmates to train in a professional kitchen and potentially launch future chefs into a career with local and regional potential for long-term employment.  Mise en Place, is a French phrase that means “put in place.”  It refers to a culinary process for gathering and arranging the ingredients and tools needed for cooking.  But for many culinary professionals, the phrase connotes something much deeper.  Some cooks call it their religion.  It helps coordinate vast amounts of labor and material, and transforms the lives of its practitioners through focus and self-discipline.


The Project Manager is Stephanie Tanaka who has served as the Alternative Sentencing Coordinator for the Plumas County District Attorney’s Office since 2012.  Ms. Tanaka is largely responsible for the coordination and the success of the current Alternative Sentencing Program. 


Experienced chefs training students in the Mise en Place project.




Connie Garish is the lead Program Manager for the project, and Sean Conry and Lowell T. Siwundhla are program advisors and teachers. 


Incarcerated students in the Mise en Place culinary training projected.


Student dishes, produced in the Mise en Place culinary training project. 





Student prepping potatoes.