Adult Education Consortia

The legislature committed funds to regional consortia composed of K-12 districts, community college districts, County Offices of Education (COE), and joint power authorities (JPAs) to collaborate regionally for the purpose of expanding and improving adult education services by creating linkages between the educational systems. Regional collaboration provides capacity for Consortia Members to find common ground and cross geographical and cultural boundaries in order to  provide seamless transitions for students. In some areas of the state, there is a rich history of collaboration and a range of partnerships in place that have a  regional perspective on policies and programs.  Regional collaboration will manifest itself differently in each Consortium. In some cases, it may involve a few partners and in others, many partners.


The AB 86 regional consortia consist of school districts and community college districts within the 72 community college district boundaries. By January 2014 Adult Educational Regional Planning 9 California Department of Education & California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office 31, 2014 all consortia had returned their Certification of Eligibility Cover Sheets. This 100 percent return rate validated that all regions are participating in the planning efforts. In two instances, regional consortia merged to leverage their resources. Each of the consortia designated a fiscal agent. Fifteen are school districts, and fifty-five are community college districts. Each Regional Consortium was required to briefly describe the process used to determine the fiscal agent.


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Feather River Adult Education Consortium


The Feather River Adult Education Consortium consists of Member organizations receiving funding from the State of California to administer local funds through the Adult Education Block Grant (AEGB) program, as outlined in State Assembly Bill 104.  The Members are Feather River Community College District, Plumas County Office of Education, and Plumas Unified School District.  Feather River Community College (FRC) is the fiscal agent for the Consortium, and FRC will continue to assist in the development of this program for adult education opportunities throughout Plumas County.


Consortium Organizational Chart (2016-17)


Consortium Organizational Chart  (2015-16)


Consortium MOU



Consortia Goals

The goal of the regional Consortia is to develop plans to better serve the educational needs of adults.  The Feather River Consortium has identified the following as its top three objectives:

  1. Develop a funding plan that addresses the gaps in services identified during the AB86/AB104 collaborative process
  2. Promote completion of high school diploma and/or equivalency among adults in the region
  3. Strengthen the local field of workforce and life skills preparation available to adult learners