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Visit Plumas Rural Services online at or at its main office at 711 E. Main Street in Quincy (530-283-2735).


Autism Master Class

Plumas Rural Services has provided services to adults with developmental disabilities for several years. They are always seeking to improve services and adapt to the changes in government guidelines and the best practices in the field. PRS is working to create a more holistic approach to services for those with developmental disabilities, including collaboration with educators and service providers to implement best practices from infancy to adulthood.

Contact Dana Nowling at 530-283-2735 or or Bob Battistoni at 530-283-3611 or for more information on programs that PRS offers to support adults with disabilities in, or seeking to be in, the workforce.  Visit Plumas Rural Services online at or at its main office at 711 E. Main Street in Quincy (530-283-2735).

Autism Community Awareness Event & Master Class

On April 16, 2016, PRS held a Community Awareness Event, which explored the piece the community can play in supporting individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder from infancy through adulthood.


Autism Master Class provided by PRS and funded by adult education.


On March 16 and 17, 2016, PRS hosted a two-day master class, sponsored by adult education funds, on Autism Spectrum Disorder. The class was facilitated by Patricia Schetter from the UC Davis Mind Institute and was a huge success.  Service providers from all over Plumas County participated in planning for the adaptive technology and vocational curriculum development that will have a county-wide impact in future years.  


Autism Awareness Attendees


 When asked what they found most valuable about the training, participants responded:


“It gave us up close examples of what it's really like to be in the mind of someone with autism and how to best communicate with them.”

“Learning about the physiological brain-body relationship for those struggling with autism.”

“Understanding the characteristics of autism, particularly the deficits in social communication and social interactions.”

“Better understanding and compassion for autism. Experiential aids - rice sock, charades, videos, case study examples.”

Photo of speaker at Autism AwarenessOther things that participants valued in this class included web resources, visual support information, task analysis, established interventions, real life experiences, and the teaching of theory of mind (TOM) and evidence-based and best practices.


Speaker at the Autism Awareness class.


Adults with Disabilities - Support in the Workplace

Another major effort for adults with disabilities, funded by the adult education program, supports their success in the workplace using adaptive technology that capitalizes on their strengths and bolsters areas in which they struggle. PRS staff are piloting an adaptive technology program with the agency’s ALIVE program for adults with developmental disabilities. Staff are undertaking professional development and training to understand the field’s best practices. ALIVE clients will work with adaptive apps on portable devices over the next several months to identify how they can best support adults with developmental disabilities in Plumas County, especially in local workplaces.

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