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2013-2014 Board of Trustees Members

John Sheehan - Board President Area III
Leah West - Board Vice-President - Trustee Area I
Bill Elliott - Trustee Area II
Guy McNett - Trustee Area IV
Dr. Dana Ware - Trustee Area V
Student Trustee - Timothy Kauffman

Dr. Kevin Trutna - Secretary

Cynthia Hall - Administrative Assistant

Meeting Schedule

*Unless otherwise noted, meetings are scheduled to begin at 3:00 p.m.
on the campus of Feather River College
570 Golden Eagle Ave.
Quincy, CA 95971

Updated April 2, 2014

(on campus unless otherwise noted)
Thursday, January 16
LRC Room #105
Thursday, February 20

Closed Session 2:30 p.m.LRC #105
Regular Session 3:00 p.m. LRC #105

Thursday, March 13

Greenville High School 1:30 p.m.
117 Grand St. Greenville, CA

Thursday, April 10
Closed Session 2:00 p.m. LRC #105
Regular Session 3:00 p.m. LRC #105
Thursday, May 15
LRC Room #105
Thursday, June 19
LRC Room #105
Thursday, July 17
LRC Room #105
Thursday, August 21
LRC Room #105
Thursday, September 11
LRC Room #105
Thursday, October 16
LRC Room #105
Thursday, November 13
LRC Room #105
Thursday, December 11


In accordance with the Ralph M. Brown Act, meeting agendas will be posted at the meeting location 72 hours prior to any Regular Board of Trustee meeting, or 24 hours prior to any Special Meeting. Agendas and Minutes are also posted below.



Board Policies
The Board Policy Index allows users to search for a policy or procedure by keyword or number. When viewing the Index in the PDF format, click on the binoculars icon on the upper left side of the file to type in your inquiry. If that search did not provide you the information you desired, click on the binoculars icon with the right arrow to find the next occurrence of the keyword or number. This search function applies in the Policy and Administrative Procedures documents as well. Please note, Board Policy and Administrative Procedures are currently undergoing revision. Should you need clarfication on any policy or procedure, please contact Cynthia Hall in the President's Office at (530) 283-0202, ext. 233.

Policy and Procedure Index Updated April 11, 2014

Board Policy Updated April 11, 2014

Administrative Procedures Updated April 11, 2014

Governing Board Bylaws Updated March 6, 2012